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“There is a story in
every piece that we sell.”
our story Robuck celebrates the sublime, the decadent, the unusual, and the exceptional, matching incomparable 17th - 19th century European antiquities with high-touch customer service for connoisseurs both in the trade and privately who curate lush, fresh environments rich with the unexpected. We are here to educate, to enlighten, to enrich, to surprise.

Kristen Marooney

You were born, then what happened: Connecticut, Cape summers and a lot of time in New York until college. FSU gave me another vantage point and I loved the South as it challenged my senses. Meeting Shane at 26, I was immediately enthralled with his zest for travel and history. He promised that a buying trip abroad would impact my perspective in the design industry. He was right and I am grateful to have created a life that allows me to keep seeking outside of my comfort zone.
Favorite find: It may have been my third trip abroad when I found a pair of Italian, early 19th century Biedermeier-style Fruitwood Banquets. They were very expensive, uber-sophisticated and I was still very green in this business. However, my biggest design influences were John Oetgen and Stan Topol. They both have amazing editing skills. It was incredibly gratifying when the benches sold to one of the two aforementioned. 
You can be inspired by designers but you can never predict them.  You truly have to love it yourself in order to sell it because if you don't you will most likely be stuck with it. Shane never minded why or how I bought as long as I loved it. That mentality really helped me focus on what I would live with if I was my client. It also helped start my own collection of wonderful pieces that I just don't believe I will ever see again if I sold them.
Favorite travels: Abroad? Definitely has to be the Amalfi Coast- particularly, Positano. Obviously, not a secret to most and with good reason. Natural beauty, fantastic pizza, easy going Italians, and flip-flops welcome. Stateside? Montecito, California. Just driving down Coast Village Road windows open and the smell of Eucalyptus can put a smile on anyone. I love the Boheme vibe that comes so naturally to the locals…
Favorite quote: “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.” - Frank Lloyd Wright
Songs I am obsessed with right now:
"Zealot" by Magnets & Ghosts
"Mercy Mercy Me" by The Strokes
"Sweet Jane" by The Velvet Underground

M. Shane Robuck

You were born, then what happened:
I started traveling and I never wanted to stop. I never will stop. The search for the unseen or the unexpected is a strong draw. The road gets a hold of a man and most times won’t let him go.
Favorite find:
An Italian solid walnut three drawer serpentine front commode that is so absolutely beautiful that I will never let it out of my sight. Haven’t seen its equal since it became mine some 13 years ago. Making it better is that my father and I found it on one of our first trips to Italy together. He just turned 67 and I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without him. He’s such a big part of all this…
Favorite travels:Those where I’m learning and experiencing something new, some part of history. Even in oft-traveled places there is always room for exploration and new discoveries. Hot over cold. Coastal over mountains. Traveling on your own is underrated.
Favorite quote:
“I can live for two months on a good compliment.”
- Samuel Clemens
Songs I am obsessed with right now:
"Shipbuilding" by Elvis Costello
"Nightswimming" by REM
"Miss You" by The Rolling Stones
"Where or When" by Rod Stewart