July 14, 2016
Sandra Cavallo
This summer’s travel began in Rome for a Robuck buying spree that found us trekking South to North and West to East until we caught our flight home through Paris (by the skin of our teeth).   We had great success in our findings of nearly 60 pieces.  Even better we managed to get everything collected and transported to our shipper’s warehouse in time for the container we had scheduled to leave port this very week.  If the Sea Gods (and our friends at Port Authority) smile kindly upon us we will have the shipment just in time for our busy season!  We expect it to arrive around the 20th of August.  


This July is flying (literally and figuratively)!   One week that I have been looking forward to the most will mark the end of the month.  We have a Marooney family vacation planned in Chatham on Cape Cod in a house very similar to the one above.  How I love the seeing the grey shingled homes with American flags flying high in the New England wind on Shore Road!  If that drive doesn’t give you the #teamUSA pride then we really just can’t be friends.  Seriously. 

This newsletter was inspired by great design in which summer light seemed to set the stage.  Each item’s image is linked directly to our website for more informative details including dimensions and pricing.  The context images are also linked to their proper homes if you would like to find more information on any of the featured designers.  Please click, email or call us with questions if anything further is needed.  We would be more than happy to offer assistance with shipping both domestically and internationally.

Kindest Regards,

Ina Garten
Photography by John M. Hall


Richard Hallberg
Photography by Max Kim-Bee



Ken Fulk
Photograhy by Douglas Friedman



Nabil Nahas
Photography by Simon Upton




Richard Hallberg
Photography by Max Kim-Bee



Kristen Buckingham
Photography by William Waldron


Mark Sikes
Photography by Max Kim-Bee




Tish Mills
Photography by Erica George Dines



Bruce Budd
Photography by Bruce Wallander


Phillip Sides Interior Design
Photography by Tria Glovan




Maria Llado




Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Schwartz
Cloth & Kind
Photography by Emily Followill


Clements Design


Waldo’s Designs 
Photography by Roger Davies 




Mona Nerenberg
Photography by Bjorn Wallander




Joan Behnke & Associates




Estee Stanley



G2 Interiors




Ruthie Chapman Sommers Interior Design 

Amy Morris Interiors 

Harrison Design Architecture

Photography by Gordon Beall




Carol Egan Interiors 
Photograph by Simon Upton




M. Design Interiors Inc. 




Michael S. Smith




Suzanne Rheinstein
Photography by Francesco Lagnese



Will Taylor
Photography by Andrew Boyd


Isabel Lopez-Quesada
Photography by Richard Powers



Luis Puerta