Fresh NEW Year, Fresh NEW Inventory

January 7, 2016
Damon Winter/The New York Times
A brand new year.  A fresh start.  The possibilities endless.  
I am thrilled to welcome 2016 and get back to the busy business!   The huge shipment that arrived in December has been in a constant state of fluffing and photographing motion for  What hasn’t already been seen and secured by our local clients will be posted to our website asap!  
This is my favorite time of year for Interior Design magazines.  I am fervently reading through the stacks piled high on my desk.   The new thoughts and details shared by the editorial experts in their respective first issues of the year have been refreshing and captivating.  Architectural Digest’s January issue is one in particular that I will refer to throughout the year.  The annual AD Top 100 list affirms to me that thoughtful distinction will never be compromised even as trends change.  

Our newest inventory below along with the work of many from this highly curated list of talent and others that have my vote.  

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Please call or email us with questions if any further information is needed.  We would be more than happy to offer assistance.  404.351.7173
Isabel Lopez-Quesada


Peace Design


Kerry Joyce



Darryl Carter
photographer:  William Waldron


Madeline Stuart & Associates
photographer:  Simon Upton


Atelier AM
photographer:  Roger Davies


Axel Vervoodt
photograper:  Simon Watson

David Kleinberg Design Associates
photographer:  Eric Piasecki


Katie Ridder
photographer:  Pieter Estersohn


Cullman & Kravis


Mark D. Sikes


Aero Studios


Liz Hand Woods


Tammy Connor
photographer:  Erica George Dines


Alex Papachristidis
photographer:  Richard Powers


Robert Brown 


Westbrook Interiors


Mark Cunningham
photographer: William Waldron


Daniel Romualdez
photographer: Francois Halard
A few overall shots of what is in line for photography!
Click on the links below to see the most recent inventory “field” photos with descriptions and dimensions.  Please let us know if you would like additional photography and/or pricing.