June 4, 2015
Hello June~

It’s hard to believe you are here, already!  I know I am not alone in welcoming you with open arms after the newsworthy winter.   
How wonderful that it is only the beginning of long days, starry nights with family trips on the horizon.  

It was a delight pulling images for this bulletin as each one took my mind on the vacation that the scene evoked.   Saturation of light and whimsy threaded through every design that captured my attention.  Whether my imagination found me barefoot in the Bahamas, surfing in Montauk or sailing in Seattle;  it hardly mattered.  I was surrounded in all things summer, unequivocally my favorite time of the year!  

We must be gaining the favor of our exporters because we are receiving another shipment in record time this Friday!  We are working hard to get everything online promptly but never hesitate to inquire if there is something in particular you seek.  

Kindest Regards,
David Easton Inc


Steven Gambrel

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Estee Stanley

Tammy Connor


Robert Stilin


Richard Kazarian

Amy Morris


Amelia Handegan


McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier

Juan Montoya


Caline Williams-Wynn
Beth Webb


Hallberg Wiseley


Alessandra Branca


Anita Wilbanks


Carden Cunietti Ltd.



Anthony D’Argenzio




McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier

Vicente Wolf

Daniel Romualdez

Gretchen Mann


Lloyd Architects
“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
- Henry James
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