October 15, 2014

Fall 2014 started off with a siren!  AH&L’s Serenbe Showhouse opened on September 6th to which we lent many Robuck pieces to Melanie Davis, Mark Williams Interiors and Harrison Design in their quest to harmonize the Serenbe lifestyle with their own unique design principles.  Beginning September 7th, back to back to back buying trips started with a five day expedition through the Lombardia, Toscana, Umbria and Campania Regions of Italy.  Shane and I had invitations to peruse private villas, cave-like vaults, and discriminating shops.  It was quite an adventure and worth every mile traveled as we acquired uncommon pieces that otherwise would not likely see the light of day.  Back in Atlanta we welcomed Nicole Baird to our Robuck team.  She is quickly becoming a great support to the business and all of its moving parts!  

Large client installations, more travel to France and again to Italy kept us on our toes in September.  The pace has been invigorating and hugely gratifying. We acquired well over 100 pieces abroad and expect a Mid-November entry, just in time for the holidays!    

The latest arrivals below along with images of excellent design and placement by the most sublime of visionaries.  

Kindest Regards,

Rose Uniacke

William Hodgins

Michael S. Smith

Ali & Charles Banks

Gil Schafer
Lou Marotta

Tammy Connor Interiors

Robert Couturier

Amanda Masters Design

Harrison Design 
Serenbe Showhouse

Richard Mishaan
Melanie Davis Design
Serenbe Showhouse
Benjie Jones

Dan Carithers
Jim Joseph & Scott Frankel

Bardes Interiors

Tom Scheerer
Atelier AM


Timothy Macdonald and Frank Greenwald


Mark Williams Design Associates
Serenbe Showhouse
photo credit: Christina Wedge


David Flint Wood 

Anne-Marie Midy
Tino Zervudachi

Alex Papachristidis


Jackye Lanham

Studio Peregalli


Penny Drue Baird

Sheila Bridges

On the Water