September 4, 2014


I love LA and have the sneaking suspicion I am not alone in my adoration.  The entertainment in that town does not simply revolve around the celebrity but more the celebration of everything!  The sweeping vibe, as soon as your feet hit the ground at LAX, emotes the ideal combination of effortlessly sexy, smart and always interesting,  I need a new word for “perfection” when we visit client homes and attend events so wonderfully executed, in Los Angeles.  


While there are many clever tastemakers on the left coast to excite our industry with the latest trends; it’s the captivating interpretation of engaging classics with a twist that only a handful do with masterful expertise.  Impeccable furniture applications below by my favorite Los Angeles designers continue to influence us at Robuck.  This dedicated community of professionals have never rested on their laurels even while their names consistently hold position on the A-list for the A-list.  

Shane and I head to Europe on Sunday for what I keep referring to as “the” buying trip, a true invitation-only tour of Italy and France.  I will be recording aplenty on our instagram account, robuckandcoFollow us and feel free to send commentary while we actualize our wanderlust!

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Clements Design



Suzanne Rheinstein



Peter Dunham



Smith & Firestone Associates


Madeline Stuart




Michael Smith Inc




Atelier A.M.



Windsor Smith



Thomas Callaway



Richard Hallberg Interior Design




Amanda Peet



Mark D. Sikes
Jeff Andrews




Cliff Fong



Sheryl Crow



Schuyler Samperton



John Saladino





Melinda Ritz




Kathryn Ireland
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