bebe proof

August 6, 2014
Marilyn “McLain” Berry graced us with her presence on July 23rd!  She is healthy, beautiful, and (at last report) angelic in nature.  That comes as no surprise being the offspring of Ciara whom Shane and I have been incredibly fortunate to have in our lives for nearly 5 years.  Ciara has been instrumental with our business growth and will be missed in every single way, every single day.  
Along with Ciara, many of my friends are participating in my baby boom orbit!  One baby shower after another is where you will find me, these days!  In effort to find special, one-of-a-kind presents to bestow on the dearest of friends I have noticed how limited the market seems for nursery room decor.  Understandably, investing in this particular application is not for everyone.  Rocking horses, giraffes and teddy bears quickly give way to dolls, soccer balls and puppies then onto bunk beds, finger-paint crafts and camp trophies. However, for the more discerning eye, Robuck could possibly provide a piece or two that might just add the touch that will last a lifetime…





With a wondrous regard to the nest,


p.s.  A handful of gratuitous photos of some of my favorite munchkins.  The days are long but the years go fast!

John Barman
Saint-Calais Chateau, Normandy
Christine Dovey
Amanda Baring
Christopher Stevens
Charlotte Moss
Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada
Suellen Gregory
Nori Starck
McAlpine Booth Ferrier
Chassie Post/Miles Redd
Bunny Williams
Pierre Frey
Karla Amadatsu
Shea McGee
Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen
 & Other New Arrivals
Queen of Belgium