Vive le Diference

June 5, 2014
Just yesterday, it dawned on me that I have two very exciting summer trips this month! The first is a true vacation, the second will be equally as welcome even if it does fall under the work category. Early mornings and long travels will bestow sensational vistas, new discoveries, and wonderful company in Provence and throughout the continent.


Shane and I know how fortunate we are to be part of an increasingly small group of Antiquaries that still value and thrive upon finding the unique reserves abroad. It’s always wonderful to band together with our peers on these trips. Even more-so after we receive the multiply packed (& 17 lbs) catalogs of one giant that attempts to challenge our boutique spirits! As I seek these gorgeous and thoughtfully appointed interiors again and again, the passion to acquire  divine one-of-a-kind pieces is stronger than ever.    

Kindest regards,


Suzanne Rheinstein



Suzanne Kasler


Eleanor Cummings Interior Design


Darryl Carter


Betsy Brown Interiors


Peace Design


Peace Design


Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc.


McLaurin Interiors


Cullman & Kravis


Tracery Interiors


Melanie Davis Design


Oetgen Design


Jackye Lanham


Westbrook Interiors


Fern Santini Design


Solis Betancourt & Sherrill



Solis Betancourt & Sherrill


Westbrook Interiors



Beth Webb Interiors
and more…..