March 27, 2014
Clinton Smith’s latest issue of Veranda is intriguing front to back and a must read, rip and tear for all design aficionados. It was exciting to see the California estate work of Greg Stewart, principal at ODADA.  Alessandra Branca, in Chicago, Illinois and Furlow Gatewood in Americus, Georgia along with the Carmel Valley spread give us a slice of the beautiful stateside life. Veranda magazine has long been known for gorgeous photography and CS does not disappoint as he leads the helm. Effortlessly seaming architecturally significant properties and worldly interiors; his eye for relevant design is unmatched. Lisa Newsom must be so proud!
Mr. Smith is not a bad instagrammer, either.  I can’t get this particular image off of my mind. Especially since Mother Nature is taking her sweet time bringing us the delights of Spring, this year.  He captured blooms in Central Park that aptly depict staying power.  It makes me want to step inside the photo and lend a shoulder for those little fighters!  

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