Commitment Issue

February 20, 2014

One of the most notable benefits of a career as an antiques dealer is having access to such broad style. It can also be the most challenging for the same reason. As I find designs that appeal to me with regard to our inventory, I find myself alternating paint colors and light fixtures, flipping from dark and cozy, to light and edited in my own home. There are so many options and directions I can take as I walk around the shop. Couple that with the vast amount of design influences seen daily, and the options are limitless! When I get in the research “zone” for these emails, it can almost feel intoxicating from the vigorous visual journey!  


Heading to Italy on Tuesday with Shane who just returned from France with Bill Peace. They were “stuck” in Paris while we Atlantans were experiencing the joys of cabin fever due to the inclement weather. Trust me, I didn’t feel sorry for them either.  


p.s.  Thanks BP for capturing the suffering abroad so effectively.

Madeline Stuart



Jackye P. Lanham Designs, Inc.


Darryl Carter


McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors


Tom Scheerer


Soucie Horner, Ltd.


Susan Lapelle Interiors


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Philippe Thelin & Thierry Gonzal
Library at Highclere (Downton Abbey)




Rela Gleason Design


Buback & Hofmann


John Robshaw & Sara Bengur Interiors




Peace Design


Megan Morton


Russborough House


Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc.


Tammy Connor Interior Design


Home of Majbritt and Jesper Johansen





Tom Scheerer