January 23, 2014


Thank you Town & Country for sharing truly the best accessory to any home.  Not sure why my Tess didn’t make the cut this year, but her Designer Dog campaign for 2015 starts today!

The Couturiers

Designer Dogs
Town & Country, January 2014


Tess, 9, Yorkshire Terrier

Likes: belly rubs, chasing squirrels, sunbeams, modeling and car rides

Natural Habitat: anything that has been recently upholstered


We receive our container from Belgium and France this Friday!  Please let us know if you are searching for anything in particular.  Especially to our clients in New York and New England,  under 13′ of snow, bundle up with your laptops and let us send the shop to you! 





Kindest regards,

Anna McDougall




Suzanne Rheinstein




Jean-Louis Deniot




Stephen Sills Associates




Sheila Camera Kotur




showing scale







Ashley Goforth Design



McAlpine Tankersley Architecture




Appleton & Associates Inc.




checking out the upholstery and trying to catch a sunbeam
Richard Lambertson and John Truex




Larry Hooke Interior Design




Kathleen Clements Design




Melinda Ritz Interiors




Peter Mikic




1st day on the job