November 13, 2013
Hello November,




It didn’t take you long to get here!


How can this be my favorite month of the year with the insane stress it always seems to impose? November carries more weight in its 30 days than the entire rest of the year.  I guess that’s wherein its beauty lies.  The 11th hour/month forces us to take stock and start wrapping it up, literally.  


Lots of foot traffic at the shop over the last couple of weeks-  and not just for the AH&L Christmas Showhouse.  It seems everyone is looking for the perfect piece to complete the room.  In an effort to help keep the holiday stress in check,  below are the latest pieces we have acquired in spaces that inspire me.  Hopefully they will do the same for you.  


Our Italian shipment arrives on Thursday – so much more to share soon.  Always let us know if you are seeking something special.  It may just be in line for photography!



Madeline Stuart
Town & Country, November 2013
Tyler Colgan introduced us to Madeline years ago as she worked with her in Los Angeles before working with Jackye Lanham in Atlanta.  Madeline is wonderful and always exciting!  I love knowing that Larry David has a few great pieces of ours among many other of her Hollywood clientele.  She is exactly as she sounds in this month’s T&C editorial.  Funny, extremely sharp-witted, dynamic, loyal, and dedicated-  a woman to know.  She has so many layers to her life- it makes perfect sense that she layered her own home with effortless style.
Brass and Rosewood Etagere





L: 18.5 in
D: 16 in
H: 33.75 in


Pair of Horns Mounted on Turned Wooden Bases





H: 34.5 in
DIA: 13.25 in


Walnut Center Table on Carved Supports





L: 66.5 in
D: 22.5 in
H: 31.5 in




Graci Interiors
Light Walnut Dressing Console





L: 33.5 in
D: 16.5 in
H: 36.75 in




Pair of Large Signed Painted Canvas Wall Panels in Giltwood Frames





L: 76 in
D: 2.5 in
H: 86.5 in




Darryl Carter
Walnut Trestle Table





L: 62 in
D: 32 in
H: 30.75 in




Giltwood 5-Arm Chandelier





H: 32 in
DIA: 31 in




Walnut and Brass Adorned Captain’s Box





L: 21 in
D: 14.25 in
H: 13.25 in




Barry Dixon
Walnut Tall 5-Drawer Brass Mounted Commode





L: 31.5 in
D: 17 in
H: 62 in




Tom Delavan
This pair of bedside tables need this environment for their next home.  
Pair of Walnut 1-Drawer Tables





L: 21 in
D: 16 in
H: 26.5 in




Rose Uniacke
Pair of Walnut and Giltwood Mirrors





L: 24.75 in
D: 1.25 in
H: 42 in




Peace Design
Trunk Leather Covered and Trimmed in Brass Nailheads





L: 26 in
D: 15.75 in
H: 19.5 in




Chris Barrett Design
Rosewood and Brass Mounted 1-Drawer Trunk





L: 43.25 in
D: 20.5 in
H: 30.5 in




Studio Peregalli
Pair of Walnut Veneered Marble Top Credenzas





L: 51 in
D: 24.25 in
H: 37in


While trying to find the perfect design application, I came across some “culture” photos that we took at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence a couple of years ago.  Built in the middle 15th century it was purchased by the Medici family in the mid 16th century and held position as the main residence of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany until the 18th century.  For centuries it housed the splendor and pride of Italy’s extravagant riches.  It certainly inspired us imagining what it must have looked like in its prime!  
Can you imagine those ceilings?  Insanely gorgeous.  The pieces below may not have come directly from the Pitti Palace but they are definite relatives.   Enjoy! 




Best Wishes,





“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
— Hunter S. Thompson



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