Inspired Styling

March 15, 2013

Robuck & Co. Antiques has long been considered a resource for large, impactful pieces.   Over the last 20 years we have bought and sold monumental librerias, consoles, dining tables, and lighting.  As we acquire such for the shop, we always find unusual smalls to carry home for our own collections.  Recently, I have been helping a client decorate a house with no shortage of shelves.  We’ve been using gorgeous volumes of old leather bound books but finding the “one-offs” that spark curiosity and interest is quite a challenge.  My travel and access with Robuck & Co has certainly formed a deeper appreciation for truly unique objects.  This project has prompted me to revisit our own accessories inventory and the last buying trip helped put the refueling into motion.  I brought home as much as I could carry on the plane but there are many more pieces that will be here on the next container.  It takes skill, as seen below, to edit decoration without losing the personality objects evoke of their owners.

More previews from buying trip on the bottom, as well! 



Paul Caddell


Item #: 2316
Price: $2,490

A Regency Period Painted Metal Hot Water Dispenser

England, early 19th century, the urn finial top above a handled cylindrical body with a shield-form spigot, resting on a reticulated square base opening to reveal a heating area, resting on paw feet, in distressed condition, the shield shaped spigot replaced 

height: 16 in. (41 cm)
length: 5.25 in. (13 cm)
depth: 7.5 in. (19 cm)


Item #: 2298
Price: $1,870

A French Mid 19th Century Leather Box with Brass Lock

France, 1st quarter 19th century, the domed top having a raised leather handle, the conforming bottom of rectangular form and having an exterior mounted brass lock, in good condition

height: 5.25 in. (13 cm)
length: 13 in. (33 cm)
depth: 7.75 in. (20 cm)




Chateau de Chenonceau


Item #: 1556
Price: $1,450

An African Impala Horn Mount

Africa, early 20th century, mounted on a shield shaped oak back plate, in excellent antique condition

height: 23 in.
width: 12.5 in.
depth: 11 in.


Item #: 2305 

Price: $1,460

A Continental Cylindrical Hide and Brass Nailhead Adorned Box

Continental, 1st quarter 19th century, of cylindrical form and covered in hide with patinated brass nailhead decorations, having a brass handle and exterior lock, in distressed condition

height: 8 in. (20 cm)
length: 16.5 in. (42 cm)
depth: 8.25 in. (21 cm)


Peace Design


Item #: 2297
Price: $2,330

A Copper and Gilt Decorated Water Vessel

France, early 19th century, having a large opening and an elongated handle, the bottom edge decorated in gilt trim, in good condition, dents and inconsistencies to finish likely caused by heating 

height: 16.25 in. (41 cm)
diameter: 13 in.



 Beth Webb


Item #: 2299
Price: $4,880

An Early 18th Century Carved and Ebonized Frame, now mounted as a mirror

Italy, ca. 1700 to 1720, carved with great detail in various patterns, in excellent condition, minor pest damage consistent with age

height: 29 in. (74 cm)
length: 25.5 in. (65 cm)
depth: 2 in. (5 cm)


Item #: 2312
Price: $2,380

An 18th/19th Century Italian Stained Pinewood Adjustable Painter`s Easel

Italy, late 18th to early 19th century, the central section adjustable , with anchoring peg at front right, in excellent condition, fully functional

height: 6 ft. 9.5 in. (207 cm)
length: 23.5 in. (60 cm)
depth: 20.25 in. (51 cm)


Item #: 2313
Price: $1,575

A Continental Walnut Early 20th Century Adjustable Display Easel

Continental, ca. 1900, of triangular form with a single adjustable rear support, the holding tray also adjustable, in excellent condition, fully functional

height: 5 ft. 3 in. (160 cm)
length: 27.75 in. (70 cm)
depth: 34 in. (86 cm)





Item #: 2307
Price: $980

A French Early 19th Century Leather and Gilt Embossed Case

France, ca. 1800, of bell shaped form and having a hinged lid and clasp, with gilt decoration, in excellent condition

height: 3 in. (8 cm)
length: 3.25 in. (8 cm)
depth: 3 in. (8 cm)


Item #: 2306
Price: $990
A French 19th Century Cast Bronze Lobster

France, ca. 1850, of proportionally realistic form with superbly detailed casting, in excellent condition with a very nice patina

height: 1.5 in. (4 cm)
length: 6.5 in. (17 cm)
depth: 2.5 in. (6 cm)


Item #: 2314
Price: $1,120

A French Late Neoclassical Brass on Copper Umbrella Stand

France, end of 2nd quarter 19th century, of tapering cylindrical form having a plinth base and a series of rings, the sides adorned with ringed lion masks, in excellent condition

height: 21 in. (53 cm)
diameter: 10.25 in. (26 cm)



Amelia Handegan


Item #: 2301
Price: $2,640

A French Early 19th Century Exotic Wood Bombe` Form Brass Footed Box

France, early 19th century, the serpentine form top with a brass acorn finial above a conforming case of bombe` form, having an ivory escutcheon and raised on small round brass feet, the interior lined in red velvet, in excellent condition

height: 4.75 in. (12 cm)
length: 7.75 in. (20 cm)
depth: 5.5 in. (14 cm)


Richard Shapiro


Item #: 2246
Price: $7,620

A Large Italian Mid 18th Century Rococo Period Silvered Brass Mirror

Italy, ca. 1750, or cartouche form and comprised of various scrollwork and leaf-form motifs, the top with two small cherubs, in excellent condition, the wooden backing replaced

height: 4 ft. 6.5 in. (138 cm)
width/length: 44 in. (112 cm)
depth: 1 in. (3 cm)



Dillard Pierce


Item #: 2311
Price: $1,225

A French Late 19th Century Silver Plate Pheasant

France, last quarter 19th century, finely cast, silver plated pheasant, in excellent condition

height: 6 in. (15 cm)
length: 13.25 in. (34 cm)
depth: 2.5 in. (6 cm)



Jackye Lanham


Item #: 2309
Price: $1,480

A Pair of 19th Century French Glass and Sterling Silver Vanity Receptacles

France, 1st quarter 19th century, each having a hinged top above a glass container complete with glass stopper, silver marks, in excellent condition

cylinder measurements = height: 4 in., diameter: 2.5 in.
cube measurements= height: 3.75 in., length: 2 in., depth: 2 in.


Item #: 1587
Price: $2,180

Art Deco Period Silver Plate Plateau

France, early 20th century, the upwardly angled frame having stepped and tiered corners and applied, possibly ecclesiastic, decoration, retaining original beveled mirrorplate, in excellent antique condition

height: 4 in.
width: 18 3/4 in.
depth: 18 3/4 in.


Tammy Connor Interior Design


Item #: 2304
Price: $1,940

An Early 19th Century French Oil on Canvas in Giltwood Frame

France, 1st quarter 19th century, the oil on canvas depicting a wooded pond with a crane fishing with a castle and mountains in the background, in excellent condition

height: 13.25 in. (34 cm)
length: 10.75 in. (27 cm)
depth: 1.75 in. (4 cm)


Item #: 1504
Price: $1,850

A Continental Arts and Crafts Copper and Brass Planter

Continental, early 20th century, having a overturned top edge with lion mask handles, the bottom with a riveted band, supported by three brass paw feet. In excellent condition, good aged patina

height: 14.75 in.
diameter: 18 in.



Carolyne Roehm


Item #: 1237 

Price: $2,180

Pair of Italian Old Savona Baroque Style Porcelain Covered Urns

Italy, turn of the 20th century, of typical Baroque form and having conforming fruit topped covers, the later painted porcelain urns depicting scenes of nobility at leisure with villas painted on the tops and bases, painted in a blue tint with yellow fruit and green leaves and an assortment of green painted trees, in very good condition with fading to painted surfaces, one with an old repair near the top

height: 15.5 in.
width: 11 in.
depth: 9 in.


 on way…